Cat Microchip: The Importance and Why You need it

Keeping your cat safe is a top priority for pet owners. The importance of a cat microchip -can help you find your feline in case an emergency, natural disaster, or if the unexpected takes place. Certainly, no pet owner wants to experience the stress of a displaced pet. Naturally, the experience of a lost pet is stressful for the entire family. A cat microchip; can help protect your cat if the unexpected occurs. We sat down with on-site Trupanion veterinarian, Dr. Caroline Wilde, to further discuss the importance of cat micro-chipping and the benefit for your feline friend.

Cat microchip: what every pet owner should know

What is cat microchipping?

Microchips are typically associated with dogs, but provide just the same amount of safety and security for our feline friends. For context, on-site Trupanion veterinarian, Dr. Caroline Wilde further goes into detail on the microchip process.

"Microchipping is when an implant containing a microchip (approximately the size of a grain of rice) is implanted under the cat’s skin by the veterinarian (or veterinary staff) using a syringe and a needle. This microchip has a unique identification number. The owner then registers the microchip with company, and that company then has the owner’s address and contact info. Essentially, if the pet were ever to be lost then found, clinics and shelters can scan the pet to see if there is a microchip, then contact the company and find out who the cat is registered to so that they can be reunited.”

Additionally, by micro chipping your feline, you’re adding a layer of security that potentially could result in a reunion for your family. Naturally, that is all any pet owner could hope for in that situation.

Why should you microchip your cat

The micro chipping process for your cat is a simple process that can be performed at your local vet clinic. Also, consider the following tips about the microchip process from Dr. Wilde –

  • The microchip process is fast and relatively painless
  • Once implanted, it should remain in place for life
  • Micro chipping your cat increases the chances that if ever lost or missing, that the pet owner can find their cat

The benefits of micro-chipping cats

Animal shelters and veterinary clinics are very familiar with the use of microchips. In addition, they are one of the first resources used to try to identify the cat. “Most shelters and clinics will scan a stray pet when it is brought in, and if your pet has a microchip, the odds are greater that you will be reunited with your pet,” points out Wilde.

Also, in the case of a natural disaster, there is a chance your cat’s collar could come off. Further, a microchip is another way to identify your cat. “Even indoor cats can accidentally get out, and if your cat gets out or goes missing, having a microchip increases the odds that the owner can find the cat,” inserts Wilde.

Keep your microchip information up-to-date

Dr. Wilde weighs in on the importance of an up-to-date microchip

“Keep your information current with the company, so that if your cat ever does go missing, the company can contact you. Also, make sure your veterinarian knows that your pet has a microchip so that they can keep the number on file,” says Wilde.

How to get a microchip for your cat

Getting a microchip for your cat is a common occurrence.

For instance, when you adopt a cat from an animal shelter or animal welfare organization, a microchip sometimes is included in the adoption process.

In addition, if your cat is not micro-chipped, you can easily schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to administer the microchip during a wellness exam. If you have any questions about the microchip process or to find out if it is a good fit for your feline, check in with your veterinarian on the best course of action for your cat.

Cat microchip: safety for your feline friend

A cat microchip provides an extra layer of security if your feline does become lost. We all want to protect and keep our pets safe, and this is another way to provide that to our beloved pets. Naturally, the peace of mind of additional protection for your cats is priceless.

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