Homeopathic Medicine & Remedies For Pets

Veterinaire Pet Care of Jersey City offers alternative therapy options such as homeopathic pet medicine and homeopathic remedies for cats and dogs. Veterinaire Pet Care recognizes that pet owners often have concerns about the use of medications and vaccinations on the beloved animals that depend upon them. And many veterinarians, just like their medical peers with human patients, have come to recognize the value of homeopathy as a form of medical treatment for both acute and chronic conditions and diseases. But what is homeopathy and how is it used for veterinary patients?

The ancient practice of homeopathic remedies and medicine is based upon the principle of “like cures like” – meaning that substances that cause symptoms in large doses may, when given under professional supervision in extremely diluted doses, stimulate the body to essentially heal itself by strengthening the immune system. Increasingly, holistic veterinary specialists – those who observe a pet’s overall health – use both traditional and alternative therapy options for their animal patients. Homeopathy may be used as a preventive measure, as a substitute for or in conjunction with conventional medicines, or as a last resort for recurring or chronic conditions.

Homeopathic treatments are generally administered with natural products made from plants, herbs, minerals, and animal materials, with the veterinarian determining the mix and dosage that is appropriate for each pet and its symptoms. Proponents find that homeopathy effectively works with the animal’s natural immune system and causes fewer side effects than traditional medications. Pet homeopathy can be given as tablets, liquids, or powders, with instructions for handling, storage, and administration provided by the veterinarian.

Veterinary specialists may opt to use homeopathy in pets for everything from skin, eye, digestive, or respiratory issues to bug bites, stings, pain relief, anxiety, and much more. Visit one of our two locations in Jersey City and ask us about the use of homeopathic medicine and remedies in treating your pet.

Homeopathic Medicine & Remedies for Pets in Jersey City

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