Moving Your Dog to a New Home

Veterinaire Pet Care of Jersey City, NJ Shares Advice on Making Moves Less Stressful for Your Pet

Moving to a new home can be challenging for anyone – including our pets. The hectic bustle of activity, new surroundings, and changes in routine can be very stressful. Your dog may be going to a new veterinarian and meeting new people and other animals in the neighborhood. There may even be different safety risks to keep in mind.

Veterinaire Pet Care shares some helpful information about making a move with your dog in this article from Whole Dog Journal:  Moving Your Dog to a New Home.

If you’re new to the area and looking for a great veterinarian for your pet, or a pet owner making plans to move, contact our team at Veterinaire Pet Care of Jersey City, NJ. We offer two locations in Jersey City and our contact information and form can be found on our website. We know that pets are beloved members of your family, and we look forward to making them feel right at home!