Nutritional Counseling And Raw Diet Recommendations

We all know how important it is to watch what we eat and to eat healthy foods that will help us look and feel our best. The same goes for our pets – and the options are seemingly endless. Wet food, dry food, prescription food, natural food, gourmet food, diet food, food for puppies and kittens, and food for senior dogs and cats: how to choose? The veterinarians at Veterinaire Pet Care offer nutritional counseling and diet recommendations to guide pet owners in selecting foods and eating plans that are best suited for their pets’ needs and their own situations.

Food choices and eating patterns are crucial in a number of ways to your pet, impacting everything from allergies, coat appearance, skin sensitivities, dental decay, and weight gain or loss to bad breath, joint problems, arthritis, digestive issues, and more. Well-balanced foods and dietary supplements are also useful in treating diseases in our animal companions and extending the length and quality of their lives.

Many veterinarians and pet owners are also concerned by the pet food recalls that are reported in the news. Those who are seeking safer alternatives to processed commercial products often have questions about home-cooked and raw diets, which have become increasingly popular. From an evolutionary perspective, raw diets make sense for dogs and cats, who may both enjoy and benefit from servings of muscle and organ meats, bones, raw eggs, vegetables, and fruits. Veterinary specialists note that raw diets can be very effective for treating skin conditions and even cancer in pets. But such diets take a certain amount of time, effort, and expense that pet owners must consider, as well.As with any other eating plan, home-prepared and raw diets must be administered carefully so as to ensure safety, healthy caloric intake, and proper nutrition. Speak with the staff at Veterinaire Pet Care to learn more about your pet’s nutritional needs and for counseling on their dietary options.

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