How to Keep Your Pet Comfortable When They Are Sick

Caring for Your Sick Pet

Have a qualified veterinarian look at your pets before caring for them at home. Once you do, your fur baby will need special care when it's under the weather.

  1. Groom your pets and keep them clean: Sick pets won't have the energy to groom their bodies. Help them stay clean by using damp cloths to clean their eyes, ears, and mouth. Cats love a cotton-ball bath because it feels like another cat is caring for them.
  2. Pay attention to your pet's bathroom needs: Pet parents should track their furry pal's bathroom habits while they recover. Your pet may too weak to get up and use the restroom. Change their bedding daily. Clean their bodies using a washcloth to wipe away urine and feces. You can also protect their private areas with Vaseline or Sudocream.

Additionally, you can provide an indoor toilet for your sick pet to use. Puppy pads can give animals a safe place to urinate indoors. Don't punish your furry pal for having an accident in your home. They can become stressed, and this can delay their recovery.

  1. Move your pet if it's immobile: Move your sick pets every few hours to prevent bed sores. Your furry friend can develop bed sores and other infections. This will also prevent problems like pneumonia.
  2. Always follow the vet's instructions: Owners must follow their vet's advice to help their pets recover. For example, your pet must receive its prescribed medications at the required time.
  3. Keep water near: Parasitic or bacterial illnesses can dehydrate your pet. Place your pet's water dishes close to them while they recover. The bowl should be within reach of their muzzles.

"One of the most important things your #pet needs to help recover from an illness? Water. Plain and simple."

  1. Feed your pet: Some animals may have problems eating food during their illness. Your pet should eat smaller portions to help them get the nutrition they need. Feeding your pet by hand can encourage them to eat. You can also offer warm, scented foods.

Don't offer foods to dogs or cats that they haven't eaten before and may not eat again. Your pet could associate these foods with their illnesses.

  1. Respect your pet's need for quiet: A sick animal needs plenty of rest and sleep. Give them a quiet place free from loud noises and disturbances to help them recover. You should consider keeping your pet in a private room in your house to ensure they can recover in peace.

Your furry friend should get as much rest as possible to help them heal. Some people believe that taking their pet on walks will help them use the bathroom. Allowing them to stay inside and sleep will help them recover better.

Additionally, keep your sick pet away from other animals.

  1. Keep toys and other items nearby: Cheer up your pet's spirits up by providing them with toys. Keep their favorite dolls nearby to help cheer them up. If your dog has a chronic illness, consider purchasing a cart to pull them around the park.


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